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30 Days Of Doctor Who. Day #4: Favourite Guest Star. {Splitted into three parts}

This is the last part of this day (3/3) with, so far, the guys I liked seen on Doctor Who.

Peter Davison as The Doctor. - I haven’t watch the Classic Doctor yet, but I like the 5th Doctor a lot. And his appearance on Time Crash was delightful and amusing! He is Tennant’s inspiration to be a Doctor (besides being his future father-in-law) and that’s gotta count for something! I bet it was the greatest fanboy moment on Tennant’s life. That’s about it.  What have you done to my TARDIS? You’ve changed the desktop theme, haven’t you? What’s this one? Coral? It’s worse than the leopard skin.

Tony Curran as Vincent Van Gogh. - Let me say that Vincent and The Doctor is probably the best of all the episodes ever made. Now, I loved Van Gogh on this story. He was just like people say in art books and yet, so much more! He saw the bloody future. He painted a TARDIS for God’s sake! He flerted with Pond! He’s fucking brilliant. How come I’m the crazy one, and you two have stayed both sane? 

Christina Chong as Lorna Bucket. - Even though she appeared for about, 30 seconds (got it? got it?), she made a whole difference. She’s one more of those fascinated about the Doctor. She gave Pond bloody’s River Song thing. And I’ll still going to write a fanfiction only for her. I am.  You must be very special.

One pause minute for me to say that see the awesome Mark Sheppard on Doctor Who was a dream coming true. I adore him. He as Canton was awesome, so here is one gif of him to close this day!


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